About GO Your Own Way

GO Your Own Way is a chance for communities to create and design whatever kind of program they want, with whomever they want, for however long they want! GO can travel to you and develop a program for your community and within your context.

Maybe you have a group of youth who have summer jobs and cannot commit to an 11-day program. We’ll come for a week over March break, or a weekend so the youth can experience mission and service and how it relates to their identity and community.

Maybe you’re a group of adults who want an opportunity to experience GO but don’t have a group of youth (or the time!) to take to a program. We’ll come to you and adjust our methods for adult-based learning.

Maybe you have families in your community who want to experience GO together. We’ll plan a fun event where families can serve and discern together while honoring everyone’s needs and learning styles.

Whatever your needs are, we will try our absolute best to meet those and design worthwhile, meaningful programming! Just let us know what you’re dreaming of.

Interested? Email thegoproject@islingtonunited.org for more information and to start designing your very own GO Your Own Way program!