About Youth GO Project

The GO Project youth programs are our longest running programs. GO started by a youth group from a desire to go on a mission trip in their own backyard that shared their own beliefs, values, and understanding of Christ in the world. Since 2006, we have expanded our youth programs to seven cities and towns across the country and hope to continue to grow.

Our traditional youth programs run for 11 days in the summer, our this summer, 2018, try one of our new 6-day programs! During the program participants and staff sleep at the host church, cook and eat together, engage in the community around them, and discern how they are being called into action in their own lives and communities through discernment workshops.

Our hope is that each participant and staff have an ‘aha-moment’ while at GO, serving others, breaking bread together, and having fun with one another, and can leave the program with an action plan on how they can act and serve with their own gifts and skills in their communities.

The GO Project believes that unique churches require unique leadership. Each site has three to four staff who facilitate the entire program, leaving youth ministers and group leaders the opportunity to share in the program with their youth. Sending leaders with even the smallest of groups offers;

  • Youth to have an adult who can facilitate conversations about their home community.
  • Gives youth a familiar face during a challenging and unique program.
  • Enables the experience to be integrated more fully after the project ends.

The GO Project knows that not all churches have formal youth groups and programs. We want every youth to participate in the program and therefore allow groups smaller than 3 participants to come without leadership.

Groups larger than five youth need to abide by the following standards for leadership:

  • 1 leader for every 5 youth under the age of 16.
  • 1 leader for every 7 over the age of 16.

Tiered Pricing Structure

The GO Project wants everyone to be able to take part in a summer of mission and outreach. As a ministry of The United Church of Canada our prices are subsidized to allow all families to afford this experience This year we will be offering three pricing options, which families can voluntarily choose for their payment.

11 Day Program




At Cost


Pay It Forward

8 Day Program




At Cost


Pay It Forward


Every family can choose the level of payment that is right for their situation. Tier A is the traditionally subsidized rate, Tier C is the rate that includes the full cost of the GO Project while Tier B is the mid-point. We recognize that Tier A may be still difficult for some families to cover, and so financial assistance opportunities are available.

It goes without saying that every youth will receive the same level of care and attention you expect when sending your youth on the GO Project, regardless of which tier of pricing your families chooses.